Crenshaw-Slauson Family Dental Provides Lumineers® in South Los Angeles

Dr. William Faulkner has years of experience treating his patients with Lumineers®. This little to no prep alternative to traditional dental veneers is an excellent choice for those who would prefer a less invasive experience.

If you are seeking to improve the look of your smile with Lumineers in South Los Angeles, call us for more information today.

Using Lumineers to Renew our Patients’ Smiles

At Crenshaw-Slauson Family Dental, Dr. Faulkner’s continued education and our participation in the Lumineers Smile Design Program has earned us a reputation as a premier provider. We enjoy using our expertise to provide patients excellent results with this innovative brand of veneers, as well as being able to pass on any specials whenever available.

What are Lumineers?

Traditional veneers are thin shells of porcelain that cover the front of teeth that appear small, misshapen, mildly misaligned, intrinsically stained or have gaps. Lumineers offer the same cosmetic solution but are ultra-thin and designed for a flawless fit and a natural looking result.

What is Involved in Receiving Lumineers?

Before committing to treatment with Lumineers, you will have a chance to see an illustration of what your results will look like and in two easy visits can have a brand new smile.

First, Dr. Faulkner will take an impression of your teeth. Your precise dental impression is sent to a laboratory we have a trusting, long-standing relationship with for the fabrication of your veneers.  After about two weeks, your veneers will be ready to be applied by our dentist.

Traditional veneers require some preparation that involves reducing and, if necessary, reshaping the teeth’s enamel. By contrast, Lumineers do not require these procedures to prepare for treatment. When it comes time to receive these no prep veneers, Dr. Faulkner takes special care to place them according to strict guidelines, making sure your bite remains comfortable and the bond is uniformly secure to provide a strong and beautiful new smile.

A Conservative Option

Crenshaw-Slauson Family Dental is committed to saving and preserving teeth, that’s why as a South Los Angeles dental veneers provider, we prefer Lumineers. By choosing this option for cosmetic enhancement, Dr. Faulkner can take a conservative approach to an innovative treatment.

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